Additional Info Traditions™ Vortek StrikerFire™ Northwest Magnum .50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle

Traditions™ Vortek StrikerFire

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This is a new in the original box firearm. TraditionsTM Vortek StrikerFireTM Northwest Magnum .50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle. Join the hammerless revolution with this Northwest-legal Muzzleloader.   In development since 2008, the StrikerFireTM Muzzleloader takes your shooting to the next level by taking away the external hammer and replacing it with the internal StrikerFire system... allowing for faster locktime, quick and quiet cocking, and the ability to mount your scope closer to the bore.   To cock the gun, simply slide the striker button forward until it locks and the Rifle is cocked. The recessed de-cocking buttons allows for quick and quiet de-cocking. By eliminating the external hammer, this allows for faster locktime, the ability to mount your scope closer to the bore and allows the gun to operate with less weight.   Pull the trigger... join the hammerless revolution and pick up the Vortek StrikerFire to feel the difference! This particular version is equipped with a magnum musket ignition and WilliamsTM fiber optic open sights necessary to meet the state-specific regulations of the Northwest Mfg. Number: R561120WM UPC: 040589018638

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