Dometic CFX3-95DZ

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                                                        Dometic CFX3 95DZ

This ultimate powered cooler produces impressive cooling/freezing, allowing you to bring more of the food and drinks you love wherever you go. The CFX3's robust design and ExoFrame construction is built for tough outdoor use. Enjoy efficient cooling and freezing with convenience thanks to a mobile app which puts the control of your Dometic CFX3 at your fingertips. Go further, stay longer, and experience more.



Generous storage capacity of 94 l to fit 133 cans

Heavy-duty yet lightweight ExoFrame construction with fender frame protected edges and aluminum alloy handles

Powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology efficiently refrigerates and deep-freezes to –7 °F

Easy-to-read High-Resolution Color Display and soft touch buttons enabling seamless control and monitoring of cooler performance

CFX3 App allows temperature control via WiFi or Bluetooth and provides performance history

3-stage dynamic battery protection system prevents dead car battery or allows deep draw on dual batteries

Dual storage compartments with independent temperature control for simultaneous cooling and freezing

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Condition: New
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Reviews (1)
By Greg_California on 04/28/21
Mixed Feelings about the Cover for the CFS3-95DZ

This is a review for the cover not the cooler.

Good things : its not just canvas - its pretty substantial and professional. It fits the body of the cooler pretty well. I considered some home-made cover - such as cutting some reflectic and duct taping it - but when I saw the quality I was impressed.

Bad things :
1. The pieces that fit on the doors are really on their flimsy - and when you open one door it rubs against the other door cover. There is a lot of slack in these door covers and its not a great design. Also, the clips go over the insulation and might cause slight issues.
2. Also this is black ... which attracts heat. Why not white or silver to reflect heat away from a cooler/freezer? Thats idiotic.
3. Also, I spent 20 minutes screwing with the zippers on the body parts - in one case, I zipped it up and the zipper split open, so I had to force un-zip it - and then get it aligned again. Once its finished its ok but i was more hassle than it should have been.

I think I am going to go ahead and make something out of an old car window shade or some reflectix on top of this cover so that the sun beating down on it through the window doesn't raise the temp 10 degrees.

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