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SilencerCo Warlock II 22LR Suppressor




durable and user serviceable.  Due to the nature of rimfire ammunition, cleaning is a necessity.  The Warlock II features CTA (Click Together Assembly) baffles to prevent carbon and lead debris from reaching the outer tube of the silencer, making it easier to clean and maintain.  The CTA baffle stack in the Warlock II also allows for minimal first round pop.   Model #SU147


No noticeable first round pop combined with a weight of only 3.0 ounces makes the SilencerCo Warlock 2 a fantastic rimfire pistol suppressor.  The amount of weight added is almost undetectable, allowing for the same feeling between suppressed and unsuppressed handgun shooting.  While it performs great on a pistol, it’s also right at home on a rifle.  Be it a back packing gun, or a child’s first 22 rifle to introduce them to the sport, the Warlock 2 is still one of the most popular light-weight rimfire suppressors on the market.


  • 114.6dB with .22LR
  • Extremely Light Weight – 3.0 ounces
  • CTA baffles for ease of cleaning
  • No first round pop


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