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SilencerCo Omega 9K




The SilencerCo Omega 9K, like the full-size Omega 300 from which it draws its name, is an exceptionally versatile suppressor and is the smallest, lightest, and quietest silencer of its kind in the world at just under 5″.  Full auto rated and usable with pistols, .300 BLK rifles, and submachine guns, the Omega 9K offers extreme durability in an ultra-compact package. The Omega 9K is the best performing 9mm suppressor under 5 inches. With the fully-welded, tubeless, minimalist Omega 9K, big sound suppression now comes in a tiny footprint.


Until the Omega 9K, most ultra-compact 9mm suppressors were loud.  They took the edge off, but prioritized the compact size over decibel reduction.  At just 4.7″ long, the Omega 9K preforms better than many silencers twice it’s length.  It’s rugged durability makes the Omega 9K right at home on high-volume pistol caliber carbines and submachine guns.  While most users see the Omega 9K as being ideal for firearms such as the CZ Scorpion, Sig Sauer MPX, or 9mm ARs, it also is at home on a 9mm pistol where a short overall length is necessary.  Even though it’s not many users primary use, the Omega 9K can also be used on 300 Blackout rifles where length and weight savings are an important aspect to the build.


  • 8.8 ounces
  • 4.7” long
  • 1.475 diameter
  • 131 dB (9mm)
  • Full auto rated
  • Rated for 9mm and 300 Blackout (sub and supersonic)
  • Compatible with Alpha accessories


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