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OSS Elite 762k+ Suppressor


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OSS 7.62 OTB suppressors are a 2 component system featuring:

• Back Pressure Regulator (BPR)

• Signature Reduction Module (SRM)


7.62 OTB suppression systems are customized for a range of 7.62 / .30 caliber platforms including Remington 700, 7.62 AR, AR-10, FN FAL, SCAR-17, M-14 and other variants.


Superior Performance

• Less than 5% bolt velocity increase fully suppressed

• Less than .5 MOA / .15 MIL POI shift

• Reduction of visual signature-less than .02 Lux of flash

• No initial bloom or secondary flash

• Low pressure, low temperature solution-1/3rd the operating pressure, 30% lower operating temperature

• 90% reduction of high velocity toxic gasses expelled at the shooter

• Hearing safe at the shooters ear

• Octagon design for enhanced mirage mitigation


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