Bowtech: Innovative Archery Equipmentbowtechlogo_Black_2015

Bowtech is the modern choice of deer hunters.  These compound bows have become the trendsetters in archery gear and technology. There is no better weapon to help you get that first Whitetail when deer season redfanaticrolls around at the beginning of October. Composed of premium alloy, these bows are not only strong and lightweight, but they also come with the highest level of tuning and consistency. Their unique design diminishes noise and vibration that is sure to satisfy the most meticulous of hunters. These Binarystate of the art bows also contain unique features, introduced exclusively by Bowtech, that ensure maximum precision and arrow speed. Many of the models include The Binary Synchronized Dual Cam System TM, a most impressive feature, involving a three groove twin cam that connects the top and bottom cams to each other. This creates a self-correcting system that allows for better accuracy and perfect synchronicity.

Another ground-breaking element introduced by Bowtech is the Powershift Technology, which permits the shooter to shift between three settings: Performance, Classic, or Comfort. Basically, this feature is like having three bows in one. Bowtech has numerous models to choose from. The Prodigy is meant for the veteran experienced hunters, while the Fuel is geared toward archers of a variety of ages and expertise.

For the female hunter, look no further than The Eva Shockey Signature Series. These light but durable bows were designed by a woman specifically for passionate women archers. Regardless of your ability level, if you are planning to spend some time in the stand this fall, arm yourself with a Bowtech bow. It’s your best chance to bring home a trophy whitetail buck.